First blog post

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My official name is Portia Amede, but you will notice I introduce myself as Love Amede most of the times. I am a young lady from Botswana. I am a Proud wife and mother of three. Growing up, I was raised by a single parent (my mother) together with my brothers.

In today’s world where people are faced with many challenges ranging from marriage, family, business and even personal life problems, I found myself yearning to be an agent of change in whatever way that i can. I find so much fulfilment if helping other people. I advocate for strong family values and relationships because I believe that it helps bring out even more grounded and independent individuals.

My hope is to see the world as a more livable place with better homes, jobs, societies and opportunities for everyone.

Published by Love Amede

I am a God-lover. My biggest dream is to be in a world that is ruled by Godly love. I strive daily to let the love of God in me shine and affect the people around me. I am a dedicated wife and mom of three. My second passion is to see successful marriages and families that are founded on the love of Christ. With a career in Finance and Banking, I have also developed a deep passion to see young people succeeds in their careers and businesses. I am committed to seeing young people adapt to the abrupt changes now happening in the world as long as developing independent successful businesses.

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