I am a wife, mother of three, daughter,sister, friend! Family means a lot to me and i grew up with very strong values that i pass on to my children. i believe that a happy family structure breeds strong independent individuals who can succeed at anything.


Being in business has been the most exciting and challenging part of my life. I have cultivated to many values and strengths from being a part of our family business and I have now been able to venture into even more bigger opportunities.


Growing up as the first born and only girl in the family, I have had to be the strongest of my siblings. Challenges have come and go, living me even more stronger to face life. With a strong Christian background, I have had so many breakthroughs in life! and am so grateful.

Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.

-love amede-

You see, life is not some kind of video game that you either win or lose, it’s more like a series of mini games, where success is not predetermined, and you end up with endless bumps. Sometimes you succeed in others and others you don’t, it’s as simple as that. But, you can make your odds of succeeding much higher if you make minimal and simple adjustments to your lifestyle, that will significantly impact your chances of becoming a winner at life and be someone that is praised by society like winners always have been throughout the centuries.

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